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fake tag heuer Carrera replica

Among the many replica watches of TAG Heuer, the tag Carrera replica series is undoubtedly the oldest and most classic series. Carrera stands for passion, adventure, and heroism in Spanish. The series commemorates the legendary “Carrera Pan Americana Mexico Race” to pay tribute to the truly brave and highly skilled drivers-the contest lasted five days and traveled 3,300 kilometers (2,100 miles) across the Calera Pan-American Highway in Mexico Carrera Pan Americana. This was the most prestigious and rigorous test at the time and the most dangerous endurance race.

In 1963, the son of Edward Hoya, Jack Hoya, began to create a specifically designed chronograph for drivers and racing enthusiasts. As a lifelong enthusiast of motorsports, he is well aware of the needs of customers: a wide-view, easy-to-read dial, and a sturdy and waterproof case that is suitable for wearing while driving. The following year he introduced a mechanically wound mechanical chronograph and named it Carrera. The TAG Heuer Carrera series is undoubtedly a triumphant work of Jack Heuer’s life-long effort. The elegant and simple dial design has made the Carrera series a great success, and it has also become famous with the continuous growth of motorsports. TAG Heuer opened the golden age.

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