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fake tag heuer link replica

TAG Heuer launched a fake watch called S/EL in 1987. The stainless steel chain belt has S-shaped links as its characteristics. At that time, the birth of a new watch was triggered by the chain belt. It was also a pioneering activity. The well-known F1 champion racer wore the race, redesigned in 1999, and re-launched in the name of replica tag heuer link fake. In addition to the endorsement of sports stars, in 2003, he launched a new model for golf star Tiger Woods. It also commemorated the 20th anniversary of the series in 2007. The chronograph, which is accurate to 1/100 second, has been adjusted several times in 25 years. In 2011, a new generation of New Link was continuously evolved for the main parts of the watch.

tag heuer replica New Link’s S-shaped link is still the same, but it becomes smoother and thinner. It bulges slightly from the previous link. It looks full, like muscles with obvious lines, but this time it is slightly leaner. Into a simple style, but also neater, after a fine matte treatment, and polished edges, but still upholds the initial value of the series of comfort. The case and bezel are also more simple and modern. The bezel combines a circular shape and a pillow shape. Especially this model is a date and week model equipped with a Calibre 5 automatic winding movement. The case diameter is 42mm. There are only six Arabic numerals or Roman numerals on the circle, and the time scale design is based on the polished surface, which gives a simple and elegant aesthetic. From the side of the case, it can also be seen that the lugs are frosted, and the front side is changed. Polished for the bright surface, the curves of the case are emphasized to make the whole look thinner.

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