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Since tag Heuer Monaco replica started¬†to develop V4, everyone’s eyes have not stopped focusing on TA from time to time, and the brand will report the development progress every year as usual. Still, honestly, because tag heuer monaco replica this time is too long, how much people expect Little has become a wait-and-see, so even after V4 has officially launched, it still feels unreal.
Although tag heuer replica Monaco watches PayPal was a pure concept watch at the beginning of publication and had no intention of selling it, after the release, tag Heuer replica Monaco watches swept through all watch awards, design awards, and professional media evaluations of that year.
Such an enthusiastic response finally made a V4 move. Stand up. Aside from all considerations, the most significant significance of V4 for many people is probably the value of the “Think Again” spirit it symbolizes-a and also the most lacking attitude in the watch market today.


The so-called “tag Heuer Monaco watch real vs replica transmission belt” is the core concept of V4; it is not the heart of the mechanical watch structure like the improvement of the escapement, but it is the principle established from the automatic watch structure-the meshing of gears, thoroughly Rethink.
When talking about rethinking, it refers to the transmission mode of the car engine, two speeds linked with one transmission belt instead of the direct meshing of the gear teeth. There is no problem with friction between the gears without direct contact. Also, the two speeds located at the two ends of the base plate can be linked by a transmission belt. The use of giant gears or multiple intermediate wheels does not require the arrangement of the gear train.
From the principle of tag Heuer Monaco v4 tourbillon replica structure, the meshing between gears thoroughly rethought.


Of the five transmission belts of tag Heuer Monaco v4 replica watch price, two are located on the back of the table and are responsible for the power transmission from the winding mechanism to the barrel; three are on the front and are responsible for the transfer between the wheel trains. The drive belts used in the two groups are not the same. The material of the transmission belt is Polyether Block Amide. This is a kind of rubber, but the elasticity, shock absorption, and fatigue cycle are stronger than ordinary rubber. The diameter of the transmission belt is only 0.07mm, thinner than natural human hair. And the width is 0.05 mm Micro Wire, to increase the strength of the belt.


The winding mechanism of tag Heuer Monaco Steve McQueen mens replica watch is a 12-gram tungsten weight. This winds the mainspring in a linear motion between two pairs of barrels; this direct winding mechanism was indeed entirely new at the beginning of its publication in 2004. However, the development period for V4 is too long. Causing tag Heuer Monaco Steve McQueen mens replica watch to be the first to be commercialized in 2007.
The two pairs of barrels are independent of each other, and the two barrels on the back of the case are responsible for power transmission to link their two barrels. In addition to the two barrels. The belt will bypass a pulley fixed with eccentric screws. Changing the position of the lift with odd screws can adjust the tension of the transmission belt.
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