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fake omega aqua terra replica

replica omega aqua terra fake is a sub-series under omega seamaster. It is a sports watch designed for sports comfort. This new sports watch features lightweight and comfortable and is equipped with an exclusive sports strap, which weighs only 55 grams. The newly launched “Ultra Light” watch is one of the most popular watches at present.

The case (thickness is 41 mm), the bottom cover, and the crown are all made of an alloy called Gamma Titanium (Gamma Titanium). This unique material is durable and lightweight for the aviation industry. Titanium is more laborious and lighter.

The dial is made of sandblasted grade 5 titanium and is decorated with negative relief stripes. OMEGA also skillfully reduces the amount of material used on the back of the dial to reduce the weight of the watch without affecting its visual effect.
Another unique feature of this replica watch is the retractable crown, which can be stored in the case when not in use. This ergonomic function provides users with more comfort.

Ceramic is one of the preferred watchmaking materials of omega replica watches. It is beautiful and scratch-resistant. The bezel is refined with the unique “Ultra Light” color, which is perfectly matched with the titanium metal case and dial.
The matte finish not only helps to eliminate any potential glare interference but also enhances the industrial style.

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