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fake Rolex GMT master replica

Rolex and Pan Am jointly developed for their pilots on international routes and launched the first Rolex GMT master ii replica in 1955.

The Greenwich II is equipped with a 24-hour rotating outer ring, which can read the time in three time zones, and the time in two time zones can be read simultaneously. This feature is of great practical value for travelers. Special introduction: The 40 mm Greenwich II Rolesor gold steel model is a representative fake Rolex model. The unique feature is that it is made of 904L stainless steel and 18 ct yellow gold. The outer ring is set with a scratch-resistant black Cerachrom word.

The GMT MASTER, which can turn the outer ring and the 24-hour hand, not only displays the time in two time zones at the same time but also can move the hour hand independently to another time zone without moving the minute hand and second hand.

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