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fake omega seamaster planet ocean replica

The history of fake omega planet ocean replica is not very long. It is also a sub-series under Seamaster. The main features are modernity and functionality.

What is “modernity”? Many fake watches now fall into a strange circle with historical stories as the main selling point. For example, if a certain watch was used by a celebrity decades ago, several replica series or commemorative editions can be produced.

Indeed, this approach is not wrong. This historically significant watch has its value, but to a certain extent, this is not conducive to the innovation and development of watches. We cannot stay for decades, everything in society is rapidly updated and iterated, and watches must also be “modernized” that keeps pace with the times.

replica omega seamaster planet ocean fake

At this point, the young Planet Ocean is undoubtedly the leader of “modernization.” It has no historical burden. As a young member of the Omega family, it perfectly shows what a true modern diving watch should look like.

Secondly, what is meant by “functionality”? Many times, the main role of a diving watch on the wrist is no longer diving or other sports, but has become a display of financial resources and status, just like wearing retro tooling is no longer for mining and repairing cars but for good looks. Wearing jeans is no longer for cattle riding but for handsomeness, which is naturally an undisputed thing.

However, what makes Planet Ocean unique is that it emphasizes the functionality as a diving watch, not the decoration. In other words, it is a “luxury item in a diving watch,” not a “dive watch in a luxury item,” which is one of the strengths it dares to call fake Rolex.

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